A Million Miles

Last night I finished reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Don Miller. It is certainly my favorite Don Miller book thus far. It was one of the most inspiring and infectious books I've read since I read "The Artist's Way" several months ago.

A Million Miles inspires to live a better story. In a world and time when we commonly hear and say how meaningless life is, it may be possible LIFE is not meaningless; maybe YOUR life is meaningless. That comes with a challenge to live differently; to create a better story with more meaning.

There is an art to writing and telling a story, and many of those elements serve to LIVE a better story. With an infectious honesty Miller inspires you to live a better story.

I agree with Max Lucado's review:

"I already want to re-read this book."

Book went on shelves yesterday. Go get it!



PC Walker

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