City Council prayer (w/out "Jesus")

Almighty God, our Father,

Tonight, we thank you for being the God you are. You are bigger, wiser, and far more merciful than we are. Your love and compassion are far beyond our own, and for that reason, we can only aspire to reflect You here and now.

We ask that you bless our city and community. We trust you; help us where we do not trust you. May we see the best way to love You and love people with our actions, our leadership, and our lives. Help us see the best way to serve and share in the common good that YOU intended and designed. May each citizen of our city see and recognize new ways to contribute to a healthy and peaceful community.

Please give to the Council wisdom to lead with humility and to make integral decisions most people would not envy. Bless them with wisdom to lead our city with compassion, generosity, and integrity.

Tonight I ask that you meet us here and hear our prayer. I ask this in the name of One who has ruined me for the normal and comfortable, but changes my life for the better forever.


PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.