Why I'm Never At My Desk

Christians in Nazi Germany were tempted to isolate themselves into their own separate society. They would create their own little refuge away from the chaos ensuing around them that must have felt and looked like the end of the Christian world. They looked to escape the society and culture around them so they could discuss among themselves the salvation story and the faith it brings.

I am not entirely sure the Christian church is much different here in 'free' America. We have set up a model not only similar, but in light of our freedom may be further isolated than that of the Christian Church in Nazi Germany.

There is no overlooking the way our society and culture is heading in a rapid fashion. There is no debating that we live NOW in a post-Christian, postmodern society and culture. There is no need to deny or fight it.

But is our post-Christian culture much different than the PRE-Christian world?

More importantly, how will we respond? More importantly still, how did Jesus respond when the world around him created enemies of God? Did Jesus gather together in a cluster of Christians that were safe for the whole family? Did Jesus go about spending all of his efforts and time to create his own little 'holy huddle' of safe Christians who were sure to agree with him? (even his disciples would one day abandon him)

It seemed Jesus was more intent on NOT secluding himself from society, culture, and enemies of God. You constantly saw Jesus in the midst of his enemies. I mean after all, that was what he came here to do. He had a mission to fulfill.

He did not spend his time behind the desk with all the religious people who were in agreement with him unless of course the 'religious' people were not in agreement with him; he spend time with them. Jesus was with and amidst his greatest enemies.

What's more, Jesus had a crazy way of bringing peace to the lives of those who were enemies of God.

What are we doing!!

Christians! What are we doing in our own little clusters? We are commanded with MISSIONAL LIVES!!!

What is missional about our indoor programs? What is missional about our Christian music and various other things we share?

How missional are our 'evangelical events' at which 98-99% of the attenders are already saved?

Why are we locking our pastors in their offices doing paper work and programs? (Granted, many pastors lock up themselves.)

Martin Luther said it bluntly and well:
"O you blasphemers and betrayers of Christ! If Christ had done what you are doing, who would ever have been saved?"


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PC Walker

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