Facebook Church

WARNING: By no means am I condoning this or saying it is possible. This post is one giant question open to hopeful conversation.

In a social networking culture, I wonder if it is possible to see church happen via Facebook. When I read through Acts 2:42-47; I wonder how possible it is to do these things on Facebook with its different applications, groups, video posts, etc.

How possible (or impossible), on Facebook, is it to:

- hear and study the apostles' teaching
- fellowship
- break bread
- pray
- to be together with other believers with everything in common
- sell our possessions and goods and give the proceeds to those in need
- meet together
- break bread and eat together
- praise God
- see God add to our number those who are being saved

So....???? What say you?


LISTENING TO: "Deliverance" by Quietdrive

PC Walker

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