The only privilege is no privilege: why young adults are losing faith

Francis of Assisi was called to a few specific things, with one of which is something I have felt the touch of God on my life. It is recorded that Francis had heard God speak to him the words: "Francis, do you not see that my house is falling down? Repair it!"

Upon that call, Francis began a lifestyle of poverty, charity, and acceptance. He had seen the house of God being torn down by its becoming rich and thus complacent.

I found myself strongly connected with this part of Francis' life and calling. Granted, I still have a lot to learn from his lifestyle of poverty and relentless charity, but his specific call toward the church resonates within me.

There is a similar moment in my life when God spoke into my life through another person at a moment, which would truly change my life from that moment forward. I had grown frustrated with the American Church for a slew of reasons. As I studied the gospels more, I saw less and less reflection of them in the realities of the Church today.

Like many young adults today, I walked away from it. I had not lost my faith in Jesus Christ or my God. I had lost faith in his bride, the Church. I watched as the American Church became more complacent, incredibly unloving, disrespectful, and disgustingly rich. So with draining faith in the church, I left.

I left for 4 and a half years of college while I was pursuing my ministry degree. I had not really figured out what I was doing getting a degree for a career in a place I had disowned.

Regardless of having given up, God grabbed hold of me my 5th year of college through a statement from one person.

"PC, don't you think if you are this passionate about these things, you are one who most needs to be a part of it?"

There is a generation of people, many I speak with daily, who are losing faith in droves. A large majority of those are not losing faith in Jesus or their God of childhood. At the root of it is a loss of faith in the American Church, which has grown increasingly rich and privileged.

Francis of Assisi once said that privilege implies power and powerlessness, haves and have nots, nobility and commoners, and that the only privilege was in in having no privileges.

The Church has grown richer, more complacent, and entitled. They grow more indignant, disrespectful and horribly unloving. In that loss of faith, countless young adults are walking away.

Here is my charge to all those who are walking away and giving up:

Yes! The American Church is falling down. The bride of Jesus in America is dirty and broken...

but is still his bride...worthy of love and it is a house in need of repair.

Will you become a part of change or will you sit idly by as it continues to be torn down?


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PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.