My college PSYC Professor said, "50% of statistics are wrong." According to the national survey I just made up, the top 5 Karaoke songs are [probably]:

1. Don't Stop Believing (by Journey) - Thank you, Glee, for the resurgence of this great song.

2. Anything with the "F word" in it 

3. Friends in Low Places (extended version) - People seem to love singing a song that highlights their drunken but jovial range. "This is ma'SONG!!!"

4. Ice Ice Baby - The rap song white people can perform...kind of.

5.  Bohemian Rhapsody - Thank you Waynes World for revealing the greatness of Queen to an otherwise lost generation


What do you think are probably the most sang karaoke songs? Why? (You may NOT google it!)

PC Walker

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