5 Minutes

Earlier today, as a response to a reading I came across, I determined that I was going to set aside 5 minutes where I would do absolutely nothing.  I would close my office door and sit here for 5 minutes doing nothing, relaxing, and simply recognizing the presence of God.  I determined to be here right NOW in the presence of God, myself, and some furniture and do nothing.  I would sit with God for 5 minutes and do nothing else. 5 minutes! It wasn't long before my inner-critic, my inner-ass, my inner-Pharisee, my inner-good Christian spoke up.  It said (or more questioned), "5 minutes!?!? Thats all the time you are going to set aside for your God? Do you know some people pray for hours upon hours in a day? All you have to offer is 5 lousy minutes?"

I stepped past all of the inward barrage, and I did as I had determined to do.  For 5 minutes I did nothing.  For 5 refreshing minutes I sat with the heart of God's presence, and though it was "only" 5 minutes, it was still more intentional time in God's presence than I've had in hours of study.

There was a heart-level connection that allowed God to speak into my life at that moment, and I realized at least I gave 5 minutes.  When was the last time I even gave that much focused attention to the presence of God?  My inner-Pharisee is frustrated it wasn't more, but my inner-child has been reminded, "At least you have 5 minutes."

Once I allowed myself even 5 minutes to do nothing but relax in the presence of God, all of the other things that are so 'important' or 'urgent' have taken their proper placement in my life...

...even if for just 5 minutes.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.