The Book

We have a propensity to build machines out of our faith. We like to put in the right things in hopes it will churn out the right product. We become proud of the manufactured machines of faith we have built. The troubles with machines are they have no hearts and they break down. If your machine has broken down, you may have no idea what to do.

Embark on a search for the heart that still beats for you. Embrace the wonder and awe of the ridiculous love of God that has always been for you. Encounter the heart of the gospel, which is the heart of Jesus beneath all of your pain, failure, and shame.

This book is a reminder of the gospel for ragamuffins who are willing to engage the heart that still beats beneath the machines.

Beneath Broken Machines is available to order online in nearly all the places you buy books online: Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or directly from the publisher

what people are saying about Beneath Broken Machines:

"As someone who has left the church, this book spoke to me. I'm not talking about an awakening with pomp and circumstance, but something more simple, beautiful, and powerful. PC has always been a guiding force in my life, and this incredibly powerful book is no different."
- Kyle Lacy, 3x Author and National Speaker
"Beneath Broken Machines is a cup of cold water to a dry, parched, and weary soul. In ministry, it's easy to portray that I ONCE was lost...but now I've got it all together. PC writes this book with humility and openness, which gives permission to confess that your machine is broken as well."
- Travis Osborne, Pastor at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, CA
"PC is not 'politically correct' with his new book, Beneath Broken Machines. Instead he speaks with a sense of honesty and humility about our brokenness. His book brings refreshment resulting from our openness to call sin, 'sin.' He challenges us to confess or admit the nature of our wrongs. This is not what the world would have us do! This is a good book from a humble man. Read it!"
-Dr. Patrick Blewett, Dean of A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary
"When the current culture seems to be distancing itself as fast as it can from the organized church, PC offers a theologically sound and logically witty paradigm that paints a picture of grace that is untainted by works and legalism. PC's picture offers a road back to the positive heritage that the church can offer. Beneath Broken Machines separates what we DO from who we ARE and invites a generation that is fleeing the church back to community and fellowship...and ultimately, back to the great love of their Papa."
- Lisa Pay, Professor of Social Work, Anderson University
"I cannot tell you how excited I am for this book from my good friend PC Walker. He would kill me for saying this, but I honestly believe this is The Ragamuffin Gospel of the next generation."
-David Leo Schultz, Writer and Director of the films Ragamuffin and Brennan

Are feeling like you faith has dried up? Beneath Broken Machines will give you the jumpstart you need! In this book PC walker examines ways that our spiritual lives become lifeless, broken-down machines and gives us the remedy—an authentic relationship with the real Jesus and an encounter with the love of God. Buy this book!"
-Alan Garrett, Author of "Unsilenced: Giving a Voice to Women Silenced by Ignorance"
"God used this book to renew me and motivate me to pursue Jesus on a deeper level! The book has a great way of reminding us of the over the top love & grace God has for us in Christ! Especially helpful for a believer who is tired of going through the motions spiritually."
- Paul Worcester, Director of Christian Challenge CSUC